Partner and Friend to Gerri Miller Actively.
Served from November 22, 2001 to March 27, 2007

I was sitting on the back porch swing, just listening to the evening sounds of children at play in the neighborhood, traffic going by on the main road, birds swooping and flying past, watching the sunset behind the mountain. You were lying at my feet mindless of all the activities. I looked at you and asked did we make a difference? “Of course” you said, “ask me how I know.”

How many calls do you think we responded to over the years?

You answered as many as we could.

I asked you how many people we had helped to find over the years?

One person not enough you answered.

How many bodies were returned to their families for closure because we were there?

Not as many as we tried to bring home you responded.

How many little children got hugs from their mommies and daddies again because the wind was right that day?

All of them you reminded me.

How many calls are enough in a career?

One more than what we got.

How many searches were we too hot or too cold?

Most of them, but we worked any way.

How many times was clearing our sector and finding nothing valuable to the effort?

All of them you sighed.

How many little kids will never get lost, or taken by a stranger because of the information we shared?

Hopefully all of them.

How many adults and children are no longer afraid of large pointy eared dogs because they met us?

At least one.

What was your most memorable search?

The one where I got to work.

What was your most favorite practice?

The one where I got to work and find the person with my treat at least once.

What was your most favorite PR event?

The one where I got to work and got my treat after letting all the people pet me.

Where was your favorite place to search?

Beside the trees and on the water.

What was your least favorite search?

Every time a family was still wondering and I didn’t get my treat.

What did you learn from people?

They need better noses so they can find they’re way home. Little kids in strollers are gold mines, crumbs and goodies are in all the cracks and tucked down tight on the sides and their faces and hands are sticky with the flavors of things you would never give me. People mean food, food equals happy, so people equal happy.

This is the measure of success for a SAR dog.