Cracker Jack

March 19, 2005-April 4, 2009

It is with deep sadness I must tell you I just lost my incredible partner and best friend, Jack has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I’m sure he’s waiting on the other side, on a search and the victim has tons of treats!!

Jack loved his job and I loved Jack! I’ll miss the body bangs (hard to believe) and that wonderful attitude. His life had a purpose it was to serve and he did it well.

Jack had a great day. Dawn hid for him at Markman Gamelands and he and Cadeau had their last romp. My husband cooked him a T-bone steak. I gave him a massage.

Russ, Justin and I said our goodbyes as Dr Kate with Paul’s help took him to a much better place. All of this inside my walk-in closet his haven. Quite a picture someday I’m sure we’ll laugh.

Jack Thank You for all you have taugh me I am a much better person because of you!

“May God look after you, for you have earned his attention!”(John Libonati)

Good Bye My Friend! Love you forever, Mom